Stephen Bregler, PT  / Owner


In 2005 I started my clinic with the intention of treating clients one-on-one so I could give the personalized care that I felt was needed for some. Not everyone requires that much attention, but for those who do, we are here. I believe that our clients deserve a fully attentive pair of eyes, ears and hands to diagnose and then aid in their healing. 

My education started in central Florida, where I grew up and worked my way through Junior College. I received my Physical Therapy degree in Holland at the “Hoogeschool Van Utrecht” in 1995. The education was very diverse with more focus on Diagnostics, Manual Therapy Techniques, Kinesiology and the basics of Physical Therapy. My three internships were in Nursing Home Care, Spinal Cord Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Private Practice. As a side note I taught myself the Dutch language, since the education was in Dutch.


Since returning to Florida in 1995 I have worked in hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and home care agencies. From these I have gained experience working with:

·         Pediatrics

·         Geriatrics

·         Sports Injury

·         Balance

·         Parkinson's

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Spinal Cord Injury

·         Brain Injury


Outside of work I have been extremely active with Running/Biking/Swimming and have competed in over 100 Running and Triathlon events. My biggest achievements have been qualifying for the Boston Marathon 3 years in a row and finishing 6 Ironman Distance races.


On a more personal note, I have undergone numerous surgeries throughout my life including spinal fusion, a stent into my heart and the amputation of two fingers. I understand pain and the importance of rehab afterwards. I know I cannot help everyone with every ailment, but I put everything I have into each client.